Double M280X3 Plant for the Total Production More than 300 (350 peak) liters per day

Double M280X3 Plant for the Total Production

More than 300 (350 peak) liters per day

600 liters of storage

99.0% Purity with PSA generator

Dry Scroll Air Compressor

Fully Automatic

Includes Chiller making this a COMPLETE air cooled unit

and ready in 8 weeks


PLC and Touch Screen Controls
Auto-Delivery for Several Dewars
Built-In Diagnostics and Safety
VJ Transfer Line Option
High Capacity
Dry Scroll Air Compressor

M280X3 Turbo Model Provides 110-140 liters per day, approximately 4 Tons per Month

Mining Assay Detectors
Artificial Insemination Stations
Biological Archives
Universities and Research Centers 


DESCRIPTION:The integrated air compressor feeds the PSA columns where pure GN2 is generated and liquefied in the tank at a rate of 3 or 4 tons per month. The LN2 inventory is stored in the internal 280 liter
storage stainless steel tank option another thanks with other volume. Liquid levels for the internal and satellite dewars are monitored and automatically controlled using the Touch Screen controls. Upon a power loss, the liquefier can be
configured to start Automatically. 


MODULAR:Seismic Bolting and Fork Tyne Channels
Can Feed Several External Dewars
Connects to Transfer Line Manifold
Contact KIC for Flexible Engineering Designs 

 PSA75.99 Nitrogen Gas Generator with controls and buffer tank. 99% purity with stand-by

capability to conserve power and compressor life.


Air compressor skid – Separate mounting with additional frame and interconnections.

Includes refrigerated dryer. 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 3-phase. Capable of 50º C operation


200 or 400 VAC, 3-P, 50/60 Hz
Air or Water Cooled
224W 122D 193H cm, (two component sections)
1160 kg for M280X3 (crated, two crates)