Electrometer enhancement module (HiZ)

Product description

The HiZ module is used to improve the electrometer performance, giving lower leakage and a higher input impedance.

  • Input impedance: >1E15 Ohm // 0.2pF

It is a module that is directly connected between the instrument and the cell cable . Be advised that use of the HiZ module lowers the bandwidth of the instrument.



Enable the current interrupt technique for measuring the IR-drop of the electrochemical system.


The male side of the CIM can be placed directly on the cell connector of the IviumStat/CompactStat. The cell cable can be connected to the female side, as before. The CIM is thus connected between the instrument and the cell cable. When not using the current interrupt technique all signals are passed through this module and it is fully compatible with the situation without CIM. However, the CIM adds ca. 130 mOhm impedance to the cell cable. This should be taken into account when measuring in the 2-electrode mode and it will slightly lower the compliance voltage of the potentiostat. The latter will only have a significant effect when measuring very low impedance objects.


The CIM can be used for measuring the IR-drop of an electrochemical system via the current interrupt technique. As the name of the technique suggests, the current of a running experiment is interrupted instantly and the response of the cell potential is measured in high speed mode. The momentary drop of the cell potential, representing the IR-drop of the electrochemical system, is then shown in a graph of the potential vs. time


System Performance

Current compliance ±5A
Voltage compliance ±50V
Resistance on-state            0.13 Ohm typical
Resistance off-state >100 GOhm
Interrupt time <2µs


Power requirements Powered from cell cable
Product Size (w x d x h) 3.3 x 6.3 x 1.5cm
Product Weight 60 gram
Interfacing/connectivity HD15, connects in-line with cell cable
Use Only I.C.W. Ivium potentiostats
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