Fast Scan

Product description

The FastScan is a module used for high speed signal application and data sampling. The FastScan is an external module that connects to the peripheral port of the potentiostat and a USB port of the computer. The module uses a built-in memory for data storage before sending it to the PC. The functionality is integrated in IviumSoft in the techniques CA, CP and CV. The FastScan is designed to be used in combination with an IviumStat or CompactStat.

Fast Scan

  • Max. acquisition speed: 20 Msamples/s
  • Scan rate: 10,000,000V/s
  • Measurement data memory: 10,000,000 points
  • Applied data memory: 64,000 points
  • Applied voltage range: ±4V
  • ADC/DAC: 16 bit



System Performance

Product Signal acquisition 20M samples/s


Product Applied potential range                    ±4V
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