IviumSoft Electrochemistry Software


Ivium provides software to match every research application:

  • Free: included with all Ivium instruments
  • Unlimited number of installs
  • Upgrades of IviumSoft available via download from Ivium website
  • Intuitive, yet feature-rich
  • All applications
  • All standard electrochemical and corrosion techniques
  • Complete data analysis options
  • Advanced data archiving
  • Two modes:
    • Basic: Minimum information required from the user
    • Advanced: Gives the expert user complete control of the instrument

Ivium potentiostats are controlled by our IviumSoft™ Electrochemistry Software. Developed by Ivium engineers, IviumSoft is feature-rich, yet intuitive. It is used for both data acquisition and data analysis, and controls the potentiostat for a broad range of electrochemical techniques (see below). IviumSoft also includes a wide range of data evaluation and analysis tools.

IviumSoft is easy to use for electrochemical newcomers and has the power to support the advanced user. IviumSoft accomplishes this seemingly counter-intuitive goal with two modes of operation: “Basic” and “Advanced” modes are available for experimental setup. “Basic” mode requires minimum information from the user. “Advanced” mode gives the expert user complete control of the potentiostat. The simplicity of “Basic” mode and the versatility of “Advanced” mode are the key to the appeal of IviumSoft to a wide spectrum of users.

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IviumSoft Features

  • Control of Ivium instruments via USB port of PC or Laptop/Notebook/Tablet
  • Windows-based user interface for intuitive operation
  • All standard electrochemical methods are available, as well as some specialized techniques (see list below)
  • Automatic optimization of the Ivium potentiostat for high-speed and high-sensitivity operation
  • Integrated data and analysis
  • Flexible formats to save data, sets of data and method parameters; also for later use in other software
  • Data is automatically saved
  • Advanced data archiving is available for easy, project-based data storage and retrieval
  • Sequencing of electrochemical experiments is accomplished with Batch Mode
  • Can be controlled from other platforms, such as LabVIEW™, VB, Delphi, C, etc.


Typical display of IviumSoft User Interface

  • Top: Menu bar; Instrument connection; Notification; Selection of “Basic” or “Advanced” operation
  • Left: Choice of Direct control or Method control (via an electrochemical method from the method tree)
  • Middle: Result window; graphical or numerical data; Data representation and/or Analysis
  • Right: Legend panel
  • Bottom: History list: list of recently recorded and displayed data

Electrochemical Techniques in IviumSoft

Linear Sweep Voltammetry