MCF Cell

MCF Cell

  • Ivium Magnetic Clamping Flat cell for corrosion studies on magnetic surfaces

Convenient connection via the cell cable, or direct to the cell connector, for easy battery testing

Ivium Technologies has developed a magnetic cell that can be clamped to any (steel) surface. A soft silicon seal prevents leakage, so that the cell can be used in any position, horizontal, vertical or up-side-down.
The MCF cell is constructed from durable materials and can also be used in the field. Among its applications are corrosion studies and EIS-measurements on coatings.

The MCF cell itself contains a stainless steel electrode; the surface the cell is clamped to, can be used as working electrode. If the surface is not electrically accessible, for example in case of coating measurements, a second MCF cell is included to create a full electrochemical cell.

The MCF cell can be filled using a syringe and tube (included) and additional portals are available for the use of reference electrodes.

MCF cell dimensions:

  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Height: 30mm
  • Weight: 150g

Electrolyte compartment:

  • Area: 12.5cm²
  • Volume: 12.5cm³

Materials of construction:

  • MCF cell: POM
  • Electrode: Steel 316L

MCF cell application note

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