Multi-channel booster

Product description

Complete solution

The OctoBoost16000 offers a flexible high current solution for both the OctoStats or Ivium single channel instruments. In combination with an OctoStat, the 16A channels on the booster can be combined (as long as the channels are neighbouring) to give a variable max current up to 128A (e.g. 8 x ±16A, 4 x ±32A, 2 x ±64A, 1 x ±64A and 4 x ±16A, 1 x 128A, etc.). In combination with a single channel instrument, the OctoBoost16000 functions as a 128A boooster.


The compliance (maximum current or potential) of the instrument can be defined by the operator. Thus valuable samples may be protected, and unsafe situations prevented.


  • Current range: 10A



The OctoStat/OctoBoost16000 is controlled via Ivium’s own software. This versatile, yet intuitive software, allows instrument control, data management and analysis, etc. The OctoStat can also be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of software is included as standard with each instrument.

  • Control of separate channels individually
  • All channels simultaneously
  • Synchronous start
  • Data from different channels plotted individually or in 1 single graph


System performance

Product Current compliance ±16A
Product Maximum output voltage -2 to +9V, or ±5V
Product Electrode connections 4; WE, CE, RE, S (and GND) with 4mm banana plugs
Product Potentiostat bandwidth >500kHz
Product Stability settings High Speed, Standard and High Stability
Product Programmable response filter 1MHz, 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 10Hz
Product Signal acquisition Dual channel 16bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s
Product FRA/EIS 10µHz to 10kHz
Product Channel combination Yes
Product Channel combination configuration Neighbouring channels combinable, e.g. 4 x ±32A, 2 x ±64A, 1 x ±64A and 4 x ±16A, 1 x ±128A, etc.


Product Applied potential accuracy 0.2%, or 2mV
Product Current ranges ± 10A
Product Measured current resolution Defined by controlling potentiostat
Product Measured current accuracy 0.2%
Product Applied potential -10V, to +10V with 333µV resolution
Product Measured potencial 16bit, min. 0.4µV
Product Measured current 16bit, min. 1pA


Product Applied current resolution 0.033% of applied current range
Product Applied current accuracy 0.2%
Product Measured potential resolution 0.003% of potential range, minimum 400nV
Product Measured potential accuracy 0.2% or 2mV

Impedance Analyser

Product Frequency range 10µHz to 100kHz
Product Amplitude 0.015mV to 1.0V, or 0.03% to 100% of current range
Product DC offset 16bit DC offset subtraction and 2 DC-decoupling filters


Product Input impedance >1000Gohm //<10pF
Product Input bias current <10pA  
Product Bandwidth <5MHz

Peripheral Connections

Product Analog in/out 16bit analog I/O channel

Data Acquisition

Product Data acquisition time 10µs min.
Product Stored no. of datapoints 20M each channel


Product Interfacing USB/LAN (Ethernet)
Product Module height 3U
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