True Linear Scan

Product description

  • Smooth analog ramp instead of a staircase sweep

  • Available on all Ivium instruments (except pocketStat)


The True Linear Scan is a hardware option that applies a smooth analog ramp, instead of the standard staircase sweep. This hardware configuration is available on all Ivium potentiostats (with the exception of the pocketSTAT), and can be fitted retrospectively via a software-key upgrade.

The True Linear Scan option is designed to be used in those cases where the nature and speed of the electrochemical reaction processes lead to information loss when a standard digital staircase signal is applied (fast transient behaviour, absorption, α-characteristics).

The Software parameters and scan limits are identical to the standard staircase technique. Specific parameters:

  • Scan range ±2 V, 0.125 mV resolution
  • Scanrate 1 μV/s – 10.000 V/s
  • Available in the techniques: LSV and CV
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