Product description

The Ivium Technologies uMUX multiplexer can work individual cells with 2, 3 and 4 electrodes and a WE2 (BipotentioStat, optional). It has 8 channels and multiplexer units can be stacked so that up to 64 channels can be controlled sequentially by a single potentiostat.


  • 8 independent channels per module: WE, CE, RE, S, WE2, GND
  • Each channel switches with relays; can be used with any Ivium potentiostat
  • Stackable up to 8 modules with a total of 64 channels

In the uMUX each channel switches with relays and can be used with any Ivium potentiostat, including the 50V and 100V versions. The uMUX has the advantage of a lower price than the HiMUX.XR. Automatic channel selection is integrated in the software.

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