RE-1S Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) (013393)

RE-1S Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) (013393)

Small size for the standard type (RE-1B).


Reference potential
AgCl + e = Ag + Cl -
E 0 = 195 mV vs RHEK (25 ° C)
∗ The reference potential is the measured value using RHEK reversible hydrogen electrode kit (Cat. No. 013373).



Junction Electrolyte Isolation Purpose
IPPG 3 M NaCl Glass SECM


∗ IPPG: Ion Permeability Porous Glass

∗ Keep the reference electrode in a cold dark place.
∗ Take care when you open and unseal the electrode. The liquid junction tip could be taken out when you pull the black protector.
∗ RE-3VT is specific for ALS line up flow cell, it could be incompatible with other brand flow cell.