SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell

Using the spectroelectrochemical flow cell, it is possible to have a different optical path length changing the gasket. We offer, as an optional item, a silicon and Teflon gasket with a 100, 250 and 500 µm of the thickness. SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell was designed to fit perfectly in the SEC2000 Spectrometer, and it eliminated the use of the optical fiber to connect the Spectrometer to the SEC-2F. Even for another brand of the spectrometer, you can connect the SEC-2F using the collimating lens and optical fiber.





Catalog No. Description
012660 SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell
Contensts Quantity
- SEC-2F flow cell block A 1 pc
- SEC-2F flow cell block B 1 pc
- SEC-2F flow cell base 1 pc
- SEC-2F flow cell cover 1 pc
- SEC-2F S500 Silicone Gasket 2 pcs
- Stainless tube OD 1/16" (50 mm) 1 pc
- Needle adaptor 1 pc
- Fitting PEEK 2 pcs
- Silicon tube (30 cm) 1 pc
- Teflon tube (1 m) 1 pc
∗ collimating lens, optical fiber and reference electrode are not included in the kit.


Configuration example of electrochemical analyzer and spectroelectrochemical flow cell

For the system set-up, spectrometer (detector), light source, optical fiber, electrochemical analyzer, spectroelectrochemical flow cell, the liquid feed pump (or syringe), and the PC for data processing are required. ITO electrode or platinum, gold or carbon grid electrode could be used as a working electrode.


Set Up

  • SEC-2F General Setup
  • SEC-2F Connection of syringe pump
  • SEC-2F Demonstration guide 


Working electrode for spectroelectrochemical flow cell

Grid type electrode and ITO electrode are using in the spectroelectrochemical flow cell.

  • Grid electrode or ITO electrode, it is setting in the side where the light is transmitted through it.
  • Light is irradiated to the working electrode, using the optical fiber connected to the light source.
  • The changes in the concentration of the reactants on the surface of electrode, as in a electrolysis reaction, will consequently change the spectrum transmission for the component.
  • The change of transmission light quantity can be detected by CCD array detector. 
    Schematic structure is shown below


Grid electrode