CS-3A Cell Stand Ver 1.1 (cat # 012779)

Recently analytical electrochemistry has progressed dramatically. There are a number of reasons for this progress system. Operation interface becomes more user friendly and its reliability is improved. The use of solid electrodes has also been significant and popular among chemists. CS-3A Cell Stand is specifically designed to use a variety of solid electrodes conveniently and cell accessories available from ALS. 

The CS-3A Cell Stand is adopted with CHI series Electrochemical Analyzers and other apparatus directly. The cell is enclosed in a Faraday cage to reduce electrical interference. A built-in gas control allows purging a sample. Gas line is provided to purge next sample, while analyzing the present sample separately, thus increasing productivity. Magnetic stirrer allows for controlling the mixing of the sample for experiments requiring mass transport of electrolyte or analyte to the electrode surface. Cell top positioner with detachable cell cap allows easy removal and replacement of the cell vial as well as the electrodes for rinsing, cleaning, and replacement. 



CS-3A Cell Stand is specifically designed to use a variety of solid electrodes conveniently and cell accessories available from ALS. In addition, the back panel is removable, to facilitate the setting of the cable, and the stainless steel support is setting at the back, to keep space for sample handling.

  • Gas line connection is easy and quick
  • Gas purge blanket controls On/Off either manually or remotely
  • Efficient gas purging using glass fritted tubes
  • Manual- and remote-controlled On/Off of magnetic stirrer
  • Adjustment of magnetic stirring rate is controlled manually
  • Voltammetry cell cap
  • Small volume of glass cell vial
  • Mounted cell top compatible with electrochemical accessories by ALS
  • Stainless steel drip tray to catch spill
  • Cell leads connect directly to CHI electrochemical analyzers
  • The cell leads easily and positively contact with electrodes
  • Vertically sliding cell vial positioned at top for easy placement and removal
  • The cell enclosed in Faraday Cage for reduction of electrical interference

Improve your CV measurement performed with Microelectrode

CS-3A CV measurement performed with microelectrode

The measurement current value using Microelectrode is very small, therefore it becomes vulnerable to external noise. CS-3A cell stand can avoid the experimental irregular result caused by external noise and improve your measurement.



Catalog No. Description
012779 CS-3A Cell Stand Ver.1.1
Catalog No. Accessories
012065 Male connector for gas purge (PP)
  Power cable
Catalog No. Options
012669 SVC-3 Voltammetry cell 
010880 CB-EE Remote cable 



Power supply 100 VAC - 240 VCA, 50/60 Hz<