Product description

The ModuLight is a programmable light source that has been specifically designed to investigate photo-electrical devices, such as solar cells. The add-on module will operate in combination with the IviumStat, CompactStat, sModule, or the selected Vertex instruments through the peripheral I/O-port.

The ModuLight, by default, contains 7 LEDs with wavelengths ranging from 460-740 nm. On request LEDs can be exchanged for others from the same product range.

During operation an LED can be programmatically selected. The sinewave generator of the potentiostat can then be used to modulate the light intensity of the LED with a frequency of  10µHz to 2MHz. Using the extensive Solar cell applications that are included in the Ivium software allow a full characterization of the solar cell. The functionality includes E/I curves as function of the light intensity, IMVS/IMPS, and solar cell modelling resulting in all characteristic values of the studied object.



Light intensity Can be modulated with the FRAoutput of the build-in sinewave generator of the Iviumstat/CompactStat from 10 µHz to 2 MHz
Bias resolution 16 bit, 0.0015%
Wavelength Set programmatically 460-740 nm in 7 steps
Power        0-1430 mW (depending on LED)
Bandwidth 0 => 2 MHz
Light aperture Circular, d = 34 mm, 9.08cm²
Power requirements External adapter: 100-240V, 45-65 Hz at DC-connector: 5V, 1A
Size w x d x h = 12 x 13 x 2.5 cm
Weight 0.5 kg
Interfacing / connectivity DB37, connects to the potentiostat peripheral port D-Sub 15pins
Use Only I.C.W. Ivium potentiostats


Mode     Color      Wavelength [nm]   Power / Intensity [mW] / [lm]    Digital code
1 Cool White 6500 K 250 lm IIO
2 Blue 460 40 lm IOI
3     Green 523 200 lm IOO
4 Amber 590 105 lm OII
5 Red 623 160 lm OOI
6 Deep Red 660 900 mW OOO
7 Far Red 740 705 mW Optional
  Cool White 5500 K 250 lm Optional
  Violet 405 1400 mW Optional
  UV 365 1470 mW Optional
  IR 940 1150 mW Optional
  IR 850 800 mW Optional
  Dental Blue*   460 1100 mW Optional

*Dental Blue LED emitter provides superior radiometric power in the wavelength range specifically required for dental curing light applications.

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