Optical platform

Optical platform

  • Optical bench with adjustable clamps for fixating ModuLight and cell, suitable for photo-electrochemical applications

The Optical platform is a “bench” that facilitates the fixation of the Ivium ModuLight at a precise distance from the illuminated object. Both the positioning clamp of the ModuLight and that of the object/cell can be moved along the length of the bench for optimal positioning. The bench is equipped with a distance scale in cm/mm.

The Optical platform is constructed from aluminium and has sufficient weight to ensure its stability. The positioning clamp for the cell can be adjusted in height by manually positioning the vertical rod, and is also equipped with a rotating ring for fine-tuning of the height.

Included with the Optical platform is a water jacketed 40ml glass cell that fits the cell positioning clamp. The glass cell is equipped with a quartz glass window to allow the light to pass through. A lid with a sealing ring is provided with 3 openings for the counter electrode, reference electrode and working electrode.
Included with the cell are a Pt-counter electrode and a Teflon working electrode-holder with Pt-contacts.


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