Notas Técnicas sobre Extração Supercrítica


TN-101 – Oil of Catnip by Supercritical Fluid Extraction

TN-102 – Application of Near Critical/Supercritical Solvent – Cleaning Processes

TN-103 – Advances in Determining the Solubility, Cloud Point, Swelling and Crystallization Properties of Materials in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

TN-104 – Assessing Technical Feasibility of Supercritical Extraction Processes of Naturally Occurring Materials Using Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

TN-105 – Supercritical Fluid Technology: Green Chemistry for the 21st Century

TN-106 – Assessing Feasibility of Supercritical Reaction Processes Using Laboratory Equipment

TN-107 – New Advances in Supercritical Fluid Extraction for the Quality Control/Quality Assurance Laboratory for Fat Analysis

TN-108 – Practical Applications of a “High Pressure” Chemical Reactor for Small Scale Laboratory Synthesis and Process Development

TN-109 – Beer Hop Extraction

TN-110 – Peppermint Oil Extraction

TN-111 – Removal of Oils and Waxes from Fabric with SFE

TN-112 – Sunflower Oil Extraction

TN-113 Chocolate Fat Extraction Using Supercritical Fluids

TN-114 SC CO2 Determination of Benzophenone Cloud Point

TN-115 SC CO2 Extraction of Microalgae Oils for Biodiesel Production

TN-116 – SFT-NPX-10 Extractor Optimized for Processing Medicinal Marijuana